I grew up in the church but despised it until God radically intervened and changed my heart on March 8th, 2006. That same year I felt called to ministry with a type of urgency I couldn't get rid of even if I wanted to. Since then I have tried to "love God and love people" well. Rather than me go on and on about myself I have asked two of my best friends to share a little about me.



"Grant is my best friend. He's hilarious, affable, adventurous, and dependable. He's also one of the few guys who is able to dream magnanimous dreams while simultaneously refusing to forfeit doing something practical and impactful right now. He's a seasoned preacher for his age and a veteran local missionary. But this description doesn't hold a candle to his vision, hunger, and ardency. He exudes what Spurgeon described as an, 'all-absorbing desire for the work,' in the simple loving of God and people. If you're looking for someone who knows Millennials and the culture in which they live, whether communicating to or about them, Grant Skeldon is your guy."



Leadership descends from character and character matters. I would like to commend Grant in his leadership abilities. I met Grant years ago and asked him to serve with me in reaching our community's at-risk youth.  Although he was very young, his passion for loving others surpassed the invincible barriers our culture places on experience. His motives aligned with my own, and that was to “advance the gospel”. It was his passion that would lead to my decision in selecting a twenty year old young man to serve as an Executive Director on my leadership team at Breakdown Ministries.

Grant has helped me build an organization that serves churches throughout Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and shape the culture of our ministry. He has served as my Executive Director of relations for several years, and his ability to communicate our vision has advanced our cause. His love of ministry has him wearing numerous hats.  Whether it is helping coordinate hundreds of volunteers, or standing at a pulpit to preach the Gospel, Grant is consistent in one thing, and that is the fact that he is rooted in his love for our Savior Jesus Christ.