Can I just say something on the topic of abortion and Christians?

As I’ve spent more time with organizations that fight abortion I’ve noticed that most are leaving the scare or guilt tactics to change women’s minds. Instead of emphasizing how terrible and gruesome abortion is, they focus on how beautiful and sacred life is. Just something to think about when confronting this topic.

The same applies to sin and grace. John Bunyan said, “It’s not acknowledging the overload of sin that saves a man. It’s the discovery of grace in the midst of his sin that saves him.”

Last week I met a girl that had her mind fully set on aborting her unexpected child but after hearing more and more about who was inside of her she could not help but want to be a mother to her new found joy. She said, “I walked into the clinic selfish and ashamed. I walked out of the clinic selfless and proud.”

As Christians, more important than focusing on why sin is bad is focusing on why Christ is better! In the same way, don’t focus on why abortion is bad. Focus more on why life is better!