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"Grant has become one of the leading voices on behalf of his generation. His heart to be a bridge-builder plus his keen insight on millennials makes this book a necessary resource for anyone trying to engage the next generation."

jarrid wilson

"Grant has written a book that is filled with vibrant truth. His heart and yearning to see a generation come to know Jesus is apparent throughout each and every page."

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Margaret Feinberg

"The Passion Generation will open your eyes and heart to the incredible gift of millennials—they’re positioned and ready to grow the church, the Gospel and the community of faith in ways you’ve never imagined. A timely, engaging, and thoughtful work."

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"Millennials are possibly the most talked about and least understood generation today. Whether you are a parent, employer, or church leader, it’s critically important to acknowledge the role this group plays in the future of the Church and the world. In The Passion Generation, Grant Skeldon equips us with strategies to not only understand this generation, but connect with them in deep and meaningful relationships."

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Jonathan pokluda

"I am so excited about this book bleeding into the hearts and minds of influencers everywhere! Grant’s humility and dedication are apparent and I can attest firsthand that he has put in the work to understand and reach his peers. He is well suited to speak into the biggest challenges that you face in leading Millennials. Grant is well positioned as a bridge between generations and I am so thankful for his work here."

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“Grant is really helping us with his book; it’s as though he pulls back the curtain to the hearts of America’s largest and most cause oriented generation, the millennials.  His insights will give us the foresight to engage, learn from, and equip millennials to engage in the greatest cause of all—the glory and mission of Jesus.”

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bryan carter

"Grant is a proven leader in the Dallas community committed to engaging millennials in city transformation empowered by the gospel.  The Passion Generation is a must read for any leader who loves millennials and desires to see them reach their full potential." 

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"The Passion Generation reads more like a missional manifesto than a book on demographics and generational preferences. Very timely! Grant is definitely a voice that we will be hearing more from in the future."


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matt carter

"The Passion Generation is unique because it’s a book about millennials written BY a millennial. Grant Skeldon offers insight into what drives this generation, the importance of discipleship, and how we can work together to make much of Jesus. When it comes to the mission of the church, our pews are full of people wanting to 'get in the fight’; this book will help make that happen.”

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Grant has quite possibly written the most poignant book on discipleship in our time. He puts language to things I’ve always felt, but have had trouble articulating.  Yes, as someone who pastors in “Millennial-Ville,” his book is especially helpful.  But more than speaking to a specific group, “The Passion Generation,” should be required reading for every Christ follower.

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The Passion Generation gives us a challenging but simple solution for discipling this generation. If you are interested in the future of the church you need to read this book; and if you are interested in the 'right now' of the church you need to read this book!

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“Insightful and inspiring, engaging and enlightening – here’s a much-needed peek into what animates the largely misunderstood millennial generation. Thanks Grant, for helping us understand the heart of these passionate young people.” 

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bob doll

"There are many books on millennials, but few written by millennials. Grant Skeldon has scribed a plain spoken, hard hitting, results seeking work that is appropriate for serious Christians of all ages. Thank you, Grant Skeldon, for awakening in this reader a renewed focus on discipleship."


jordan lee dooley

"The Passion Generation is so much more than a book — it is a critical brick in bridging a generation gap, finally creating the possibility for not only more understanding but also more unity, and therefore, a stronger global church. This is a must read on harnessing the power, purpose, and potential of the most unique generations in history."