The moment God saved me as a rebellious 16-year-old on March 8, 2006, He placed it upon my heart to do everything within my power to make Him known wherever, whenever, and to whomever I could. On that date I found myself attending the high school ministry for the first time at a mega-church in Grapevine, TX called Fellowship Church. I was a popular student at Lewisville High School, which isn’t saying much, because I had only gained my popularity through being involved in anything and everything this world had to offer. However, after I came to Christ, I went back to my school and realized, “This is a very dark place and I don’t know any true Christ followers here.” As a newly converted Christian, I decided, with the remainder of my time in high school, I would change that. Surprisingly, God made it happen. I took hold of all my influence I had gained through my worldliness and directed everyone that would follow me towards Christ. Within nine months, on Wednesday nights, there could be from 20 to even 40+ students at my house waiting to car pool to church. It was only a matter of time until the pastors at Fellowship started to take notice of a sudden spike in attendance from an unreached school in Lewisville, TX. Soon, the church was putting my story on the big screens during service to portray how God can work so mightily through just one individual sold out to make His name famous. This is around the time that God started pressing me and I sensed a calling towards vocational ministry.

I eventually graduated high school, enrolled in the undergraduate program at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and became a member of the Village Church in Flower Mound. With my heart still being called to students in Lewisville, three other men and I started a Bible study for high school guys in a Lewisville student’s house. It had humble beginnings but a year into holding this bible study we found ourselves trying to pack 45 students into a small living room. Not to mention, we had girls begging us to make a study for them as well. We gathered two Christian women to lead a separate group and on the first day 25 girls showed up. The Spirit of God was evidently moving in this season. Last summer I ended the Bible study as many of the students graduated high school. We were so blessed by God transforming and sanctifying many lives through this group. It was unbelievable. Many of the students felt called to ministry and enrolled in Criswell, DBU, CFNI, Hillsong, YWAM, Colorado Christian, etc.

In my opinion, this was just the beginning of what God truly had planned. God’s vision was bigger than a growing bible study. His vision was a movement. In the midst of this bible study, God called us to develop a ministry that would help the church reach the people in its own backyard. We thought, with over 4,800 churches in Dallas-Fort Worth, this whole community should be saturated with the gospel and Christians loving their neighbor. Unfortunately, we didn’t see that as a reality so we aimed to change that by starting Breakdown Ministries. “Breakdown” because we wanted to break down the walls between the church and its community through local missions.

God has been unbelievably faithful since day one. Our first mission was in April of 2010 at Calvary Baptist Church in Irving. 21 volunteers got behind our vision that day and helped the church. Around 90% of the volunteers being high school students from our Bible study. Just to measure the influence and growth God has been so gracious to give us, last February for our 17th mission we partnered with The Village Church. 521 volunteers showed up to infiltrate old town Lewisville with the gospel and meet the needs of 60+ residents. Needless to say, this was very powerful for me to see as a former Lewisville student. This April, we amped up for our next mission in Plano with Bent Tree Bible Fellowship, Woodcreek Church, Legacy Church, and Plano Bible Chapel. It was incredible to bring four large churches together to reach their community, not for their church, but for the Kingdom. God is moving in mighty ways that exceed our explanation. The quote we are constantly saying to each other within Breakdown is, “If the vision for your life and ministry does not intimidate you, you might be insulting God.” 


What is Breakdown Ministries? Watch the video below.